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What are we looking for?

1) Request for Submissions:

The mission of The [F]law is to share stories that reveal how corporate law and power create social problems and systemic injustices. We publish pieces that identify how corporate power has infiltrated social and political institutions, analyze how it controls them, and propose methods for dismantling corporate control & building collective power.

This publication is intended to be accessible to the general public–you shouldn’t need an advanced degree to be able to read it–and we publish a range of short- and long-form pieces that align with our mission statement. We’re interested in case studies of local organizing efforts, narrative journalism, and accessible theoretical explorations of how corporate power functions in relation to our social and political institutions.

We publish features in the style of long-form journalism (usually 5,000+ words) and quick hits such as audio journalism, interviews, reviews, visual art, short films, poetry, comics, op-eds, short stories, commentary and the like.

We welcome submissions initially used for other purposes that have been adapted to fit the long- or short-form criteria. We welcome pieces written by students, lawyers, organizers, activists, scholars, teachers, poets, comedians, thinkers, and people eager to share a good story about the the problem of corporate power.

At this time, we are unable to compensate authors.

You can submit an item for consideration at

If you would like to submit your work to The [F]law please include your name, pronouns, institutional affiliation (if any), and a brief synopsis/abstract of the piece that you are submitting. We look forward to hearing from you!

2) Corrections and updates:

To request a correction, please send us an email at with “CORRECTION” in the subject line. Our editorial team will carefully review the potential inaccuracy.

If our team confirms a minor inaccuracy, the story will be amended with the change noted at the bottom of the story. If our team confirms a significant inaccuracy or correction, it will be noted in the headline or at the top of a story.