A Conversation with Randy Ramseyer

Podcast – The Synthetic Epidemic: The U.S. vs. Big Pharma

The [F]law  podcast team sits down with Randy Ramseyer to discuss the US government’s litigation efforts against pharmaceutical companies.

Randy Ramseyer is a AUSA who brought the first case against Purdue Pharma in 2006. This case required Purdue to pay out $600 million for intentionally misleading the public and using fraudulent marketing to promote their prescription opioid, Oxycontin.  Randy Ramseyer has also brought multiple cases against other pharmaceutical companies, one which resulted in a CEO being sent to prison. Ramseyer and his work in the Purdue Pharma case were featured in the popular Hulu mini-series, Dopesick.

To learn more about the government’s fight against pharmaceutical companies: Purdue Pharma Settlement

Episode credits:

  • Hosted and Edited by Hannah Justus
  • Music by Sean Healey
  • Special Thanks to Liz Turner and Andrew Rossi-Schroeder